Gorakhpur junction railway station, longest platfrom in the world

 Gorakhpur junction railway station, longest platfrom in the world

gorakhpur is a city along the blanks of the rapti river in the north-eastern part of the indian state of uttar pradesh. it is near the nepal border, 273 kilometres east of the state capital lucknow. it is the administartive headquarters of gorakhpur district and gorakhpur division 

address elahibag kawwa bagh colony, gorakhpur uttar pradesh 273012

the gorakhpur railway station is located in the city of gorakhpur in the indian state of uttar pradesh. it has the world's longest railway platform.
it serve as the headquaters of the north easter railway. the station offers class a-1 railway station facilities. on  6 october 2013, gorakhpur became the world's  jlongest railway platform, after inauguration of the remodelled gorakhpur yard, with a stretch of around 1.35 kilometers (0.84 mi).

gorakhpur junction railway station is the major railway station in uttar pradesh specially in purvanchal station in uttar pradesh and it connect eastern uttar pradesh to bihar, nepal and northern india to bihar. gorakhpur junction has many facilites like retiring rooms, waiting halls (a/c) book stalls, auro water machine, food stalls, restaurent, atm , lift , and , cabway facilites,. the cabway of gorakhpur is longest in india it is located at both side of railways station. 

gorakhpur junction rail;way staion is directly connected by all reginos of india and have many long routes trains orinitain and ending at gorakhpur junction railway station such as humsafar/antyoday express the station is directly connectyed to all mazort railway stations of india and near by districts of nepal , new delhi ,mumbai , kolkatta, chennai, hyderabad, visakhapatnam, howrah,lucknow, varanshi, agra, bhopal and ayodhya,amritsar, darbhanga,kamkhya,jammu tavi,bareilly, jhanshi and banglore.

gorakhpur railway station is the located at 89km from nepal border namely (sonauli) and 55km from kushinagar inernational airport and 09 km from gorakhpur airport.

the city of gorakhpur servers 10 local railway stations known as gorakhpur junction, gorakhpur cantt, domingarh, sahjanwa, sihapar, maniram, nakha jungle, kushmi, jagatbela and unaula.


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